Coach Ash

Ashley Hill is a native Californian who has been in the cannabis industry since 2013. After obtaining her B.S. Degree in Hospitality and Tourism, she has boldly transitioned and become an influencer into the Cannabis Industry. She now seeks to educate and empower people into this industry and business through her frequent media outlets.

Hill gained 51⁄2 years of experience in cannabis cultivation and shares the behind the scene operations. She has managed several multi - million dollar commercial indoor and greenhouse facilities and produced a flower product entered into the High Times Awards. She subsequently has transitioned to the culinary aspect of the industry as a Cannabis Entrepreneur, International Selling Author, and the Co-Owner of Green Light Project (an infused catering and event service).

A Domestic & Global Extreme Execution Coach certified by the No 1 Speaker in the world, Dr. Eric Thomas (also known as E.T. the Hip-Hop Preacher). Coach Hill is a results-driven leader who seeks to empower others to increase self-awareness, create alignment, and execute at a high level. She has been considered by many in Leadership as a Coach’s Coach within the Extreme Execution Leadership.

Ms. Hill continues to advance her scientific research by enrolling in the Medical Cannabis Science and Therapeutics Master’s Degree program. This is the first and only M.S. program of its kind in the United States of America.


She is also the Southern California meetup coordinator and West Coast Accountability Lead for Dr. Eric Thomas’s Breathe University. She hosts and moderates calls with community leaders, business owners and multimillionaires giving her the opportunity not only to be exposed to their success habits but she has created her own along the way. She continues to expose and share with her personal clients - so they too, can operate, perform and execute like the top 1% of our world.

Lisa P.


Lisa Pickett (CMT, CLC) Born and raised in Queens, New York.  Bi-coastal for many years until finally making Los Angeles her home. She is an Art lover and collector, Mother of two passionate and creative daughters, Brianna an activist and photographer and Brittany into all things art and fashion, and two furry babies Coco the princess Chihuahua and M’Baku the stealth Mastiff.


Lisa has a driving force behind her career from over 10 years experience in Sales Management and Training.  She is Certified Trainer and Mediator for Managing Workplace Conflict; holds a Project Management Certification and is a Certified Life and Extreme Execution Coach with a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology.  Lisa P.’s emphasis is Effective Communication, Conflict Dynamics and Third Party Resolution working with leaders, executive teams, sales staff, trade workers, retail and administrative associates. 


Lisa P. seamlessly integrated her knowledge and expertise to collaborate with Winning Coaching to create effective and impactful coaching and management training workshops.  Her process is always beneficial for the individual, team, business or group.  While we listed her credentials, what stands out the most is her authenticity, compassion, drive and ability to find common ground and get things done! Lisa draws from both her personal and professional life and the multitude of experiences, successes and failures, projects, coaching clients, and collaborations with companies in diverse industries and groups to offer solutions for every client.


Lisa’s commitment and intention in life is to leave every person and place she encounters better than before they met, or she let’s get to work!